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Date: May 6, 2013 Category:


Can you burn a digital currency? The real aspect in making an exchange system into a currency is not the fact that it can be spent, but that I can be burnt. I got hold of 9 miniBitcoins (0.00927616 mBTC) and burnt them – successfully contracting the overall Bitcoin supply. New Bitcoin maximum: 20999999.99022384


Born in Mexico, based in Sweden. I use technologies and piracies to interact with and reflect on spaces and situations that emerge when information, property and power collide. I am fellow of FAT LAB , half Forays and member of Elektro KKV. My work has been shown internationally in exhibitions such as “Some people just want to see the market crash” (DK), F.A.T GOLD and Other Options in Eyebeam (USA), State of the Art: New York (UK), Signals from the South (FI), Actions: What you can do with the city (CA), Los Impolíticos (IT), Transmediale: DEEP NORTH(2009), Futurity Now (2010), various Speed Shows and festivals such as Futuresonic, Pixelache, Click and Transitio.